Ever wonder where your money is going?

FinanceWorks™ is a free & convenient financial tracking application (powered by Quicken®) inside Online Banking that will help you track your spending.  It allows you to view your Vantage West accounts (as well as your other financial institution accounts) all-in-one place. FinanceWorks provides a snapshot of your overall financial picture — breaking down your expenditures into categories — so you can see where your money goes.  It tracks the money you earn, spend, and save.  It shows a pie chart with a summary of your transactions for the past 30 days.  It even shows trends and projections!

Take a tour of FinanceWorks


The best part?  It’s free with Online Banking. 

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Locate the “View My Spending” category (near the bottom of the page), and click the “Get Started” link.
    NOTE:  If you’ve already started the FinanceWorks setup process, click the “Go to FinanceWorks” link instead.
  3. Follow the prompts to setup & access your tracking tools.