Operating Systems:

Windows: Vista or newer using a supported browser
Apple: OS X Yosemite or newer using a supported browser

Mobile Operating Systems:

Android: the last 2 major releases
Apple/iOS: the last 2 major releases

Supported Browsers

Our Online Banking platform and vantagewest.org are optimized for use with these certified/recommended browsers/settings. If you use a different browser or setting, you may not be able to take full advantage of all the features of the site. It is recommended to keep your browser version up-to-date to ensure accessibility.

• Google Chrome: Latest 2 versions
• Firefox: Latest 2 versions
• Microsoft Edge: Latest 2 versions
• Safari: Last 2 major versions or 1 major version if over 1 year old
• Chrome for Android: Last 2 major versions
• Mobile Safari for IOS: Last 2 major versions

Note regarding Internet Explorer v11 – IE 11 is no longer fully supported or developed by Microsoft. Please consider using a browser listed above to avoid technical issues. For instructions on how to download Chrome click here.