Making a payment to your Vantage West loan has never been easier.  With a variety of options, you can manage your account in a way that works for you.

Transfer payments from your account

Log in to your account. Then, select “Loan Payment” to make a payment or set up payments FROM a bank account TO a Vantage West loan.

Automate payments

There are two convenient ways to automate your recurring loan payments.

  • Use Online Banking?
    Follow the steps above. Be sure to check the “repeat” box to set up your recurring payment.
  • Not enrolled in Online Banking?
    Submit this form to have an ACH transfer established on your account.

Use our Mobile App

If you’re enrolled in Online Banking and use our mobile app, you can “transfer money” from your account to your loan. You can also make a payment from another financial institution by choosing “Loan Payment.”

Mail your payment

Auto Loans
Vantage West Auto Loans
PO Box 15159
Tucson, AZ 85708

Credit Cards
Vantage West Credit Cards
PO Box 15220
Tucson, AZ 85708

All Other Payments
Vantage West
PO Box 15115
Tucson, AZ 85708

Pay by phone

Call (800) 888-7882 to use our “check-by-phone” feature to pay your Vantage West loan.

Pay via Shared Branching

Can’t make it to a Vantage West branch? Search nearby financial institutions that participate in shared branching.  There are thousands of nationwide locations!