Arm yourself with ID theft education & proactive services!

When a person pretends to be you, it’s called “identity theft.”  There are ways to prevent this, and we want to help.

Lost your card or checkbook?

If you lose your credit card/debit card/checkbook or if you notice fraudulent charges after hours, there are a few things you can do to help protect yourself until you’re able to speak with a fraud specialist.

Services Available to Eligible Checking Account Holders

Eligible Checking accounts include Premium Checking, Essential Checking, Rewards Checking and Rewards Plus Checking accounts.

Eligible account holders (and their household members**) have FREE access to various ID theft resolution services – provided by CyberScout®.  Identity theft and fraud can sometimes take years to resolve.  If you’re a victim, you don’t have to go it alone.  Our resolution services include services like unlimited assistance from a fraud specialist, systematic notifications to creditors and government agencies, assistance filing police reports, credit monitoring, and so much more!  Learn more about our Checking Accounts.

Fraud & ID theft resolution assistance (including medical identity theft)

Contact us immediately if you notice…

  • unauthorized withdrawals from an account.
  • unauthorized charges.
  • accounts on your credit report that aren’t yours.
  • you’ve received credit card/offers in the name of your minor child.
  • you’ve received statements or collection calls for medical services you never received.
  • …something else that indicates your identity/accounts are being used inappropriately.

Preventative Services for Many of Life’s Changes that Could Leave You Vulnerable

Contact us when you…

  • are deploying, or being called to active-duty service.
  • lose a wallet.
  • suffer a burglary at your property.
  • learn that an organization you deal with has had a security breach.
  • experience a natural disaster and need help restoring important documents.
  • respond to a potential phishing/smishing/vishing attempt.
  • are getting married and need with marriage license requirements, name changes, or creditor notifications.
  • suffer the loss of a spouse or other immediate family member and need help protecting the deceased’s credit, notifying credit issuers, inquiring about death benefits associated with accounts, etc.
  • notice someone looking over your shoulder while you use an ATM or computer.
  • …have other questions about suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity.

All Members Can Access CyberScout’s Website

All members are invited to access this website, powered by CyberScout.  It’s updated daily, and it features helpful information about the latest scams and how to avoid them, database breach notifications, and more!

  • Preventative tips
  • News alerts regarding the latest scams
  • Newsletters that provide insight into the crime of identity theft
  • Access to important internet resources
  • Travel Tips


* ID Theft Resolution Services are provided by CyberScout®, and do not reimburse for any financial losses. This is not an insurance product. The scope of the ID theft resolution services consists of proactive/preventative services, educational information, and fraud/identity theft resolution.

** Services are only available, at no charge, to Vantage West Eligible Checking Account holders, and anyone living in the eligible account holder’s immediate household including children through age 23 who are away at college as full-time students. All those who qualify for these services as described here are referred to as “Eligible Checking account holders” on this page.

Updated: September 11, 2017