Overdraft Protection

Overdrafts can happen. Protect yourself.


Our Overdraft Protection program offers an alternative to Overdraft Privilege. With this program, we automatically transfer funds from your share account into your checking in order to cover the overdraft. Overdraft transfers in increments of $100 or your available balance if there is less than $100 in the share account. When you opt into Overdraft Protection, we charge a service fee of only $5.00 for each transfer from your share account.

About your checking account balance

Your checking account has two kinds of balances: the “actual” balance and the “available” balance. You can review both balances when you review your account online, at an ATM, by phone, or at a branch. It is important to understand how the two balances work so that you know how much money is in your account at any given time. The actual balance and available balance may differ as the available balance may reflect any pending ATM or debit card transactions not yet posted to the account or due to check holds. We use the available balance when determining whether a transaction will cause your account to overdraw and for charging overdraft fees.

The best way to know how much money you have and avoid paying service charges is to record and track all your transactions closely.

Interested in Overdraft Protection?

We are also happy to help you set up Overdraft Protection from an existing savings account or assist you with applying for a Visa credit card if you do not already have one.  Contact us to learn more.