Sandra Sagehorn-Elliott

Appointed in 2020 to lead the Vantage West team and carry a 65+ year legacy forward, Sandra is responsible for leading, planning, directing, and managing all credit union activities within the framework of Vantage West’s vision and mission. She oversees organizational performance and ensures financial stability with the best interest of the Members, employees, and credit union in mind.

Sandra is a credit union movement advocate with more than 20 years of financial services experience, and a background in leading multifunctional teams, including consumer and commercial lending, information technology, retail branches, product development, marketing, call center, collections, digital banking, project management, operations, community relations, facilities, and investment services. She is a member of Filene Research Institute’s i3 credit union innovation program and a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Callahan Executive Education program. Sandra is currently pursuing Cardwell Leadership Institute’s Advanced CEO Leadership Certification (anticipated completion 2022). Her guiding principle is, “Express gratitude and make sure people know you appreciate their contributions.”

Board of Directors

About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) has the authority and responsibility for steering the business affairs of Vantage West Credit Union (the “Credit Union”) in accordance with the Credit Union’s Bylaws and applicable federal or state laws, rules and regulations, as well as good business and governance practices.

The Board’s impact on the Credit Union arises from fiduciary oversight, to strategic development, to relationship building, and Membership growth and engagement. The Board is accountable for promoting and advancing the mission and vision of the Credit Union. The Board provides oversight and due diligence on safety and soundness matters. The Board analyzes situations with a macro lens and assists management in tailoring solutions to align with the Credit Union’s goals and values.

The Board engages in macro governance — in defining, deliberating, and deciding matters most consequential to the Credit Union’s short- or long-range well-being — and does not cross the line into micromanagement by participating in the actual operations of the Credit Union.

Board Officer Responsibilities

While the Board as a whole is responsible for effectively governing the Credit Union, the Board officers are responsible for leading and operating the Board. They ensure necessary tasks are completed smoothly and promote a positive Board culture. The Board officers are the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Board Chairperson

The Board Chairperson is identified as the chief elected official of the Credit Union and may act as a representative of the Board and Credit Union to third parties. The Chairperson is instrumental in hiring and supervising the Chief Executive Officer and, thus, is committed to a constructive partnership with the Chief Executive Officer built on a shared understanding of mission and vision; reciprocal communication; and respect, trust, and support for each other.

Board Vice Chairperson

Board Secretary

The purpose and role of the Secretary is to ensure the timely and accurate preparation, completion, and safekeeping of the corporate records of the Credit Union in accordance with the Bylaws and applicable law or regulation.

Board Treasurer

The purpose and role of the Board Treasurer is to oversee the financial position of the Credit Union. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the accuracy and safekeeping of all assets including funds, securities, bank papers, and any other items of value. In discharging his/her duties, the Treasurer works closely with the Chief Executive Officer and the EVP Chief Financial Officer.

The Treasurer applies his/her knowledge of accounting to monitor finances, reviewing the preparation of monthly financial reports and the annual audited financial statements, summarizing the Credit Union’s financial performance for the Board on a quarterly basis and to the Membership at the Annual Membership Meeting, and ensuring the Credit Union’s financial policies are respected. In ensuring that Credit Union assets are protected and invested in accordance with Credit Union policies, the Treasurer is expected to collaborate with or be the Board Liaison to the Asset Liability Committee.

Click Here if you would like to read the Official Board of Directors Responsibilities and Description of Director, Officer, and Board Liaison Duties

Supervisory Committee

Three voting members comprise Vantage West’s Supervisory Committee. The group is appointed by the Board and functions independently to safeguard the assets of Vantage West and its Members. The Supervisory Committee engages an independent third-party CPA firm each year to perform audits of our financial statements to ensure accurate record keeping. Members of the Supervisory Committee possess integrity as well as the ability to speak frankly and make sound judgments. They should also be able to dedicate time for meetings, training events, and conferences (sometimes involving travel). Applications from Members interested in a future appointment to the Supervisory Committee can be submitted below.

TO LEARN MORE: If you would like more information about BOD and Supervisory Committee opportunities at Vantage West Credit Union, send an email to [email protected].

Officials Compensation

Vantage West Credit Union’s current Notice of Director and Supervisory Committee Member Compensation