Truth In Lending Terms


This is not the Note rate for which the borrower applied. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the cost of the loan in percentage terms taking into account various loan charges of which interest is only one such charge. Other charges which are used in calculation of the Annual Percentage Rate are Private Mortgage Insurance or FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium (when applicable) and Prepaid Finance Charges (loan discount, origination fees, prepaid interest and other credit costs). The APR is calculated by spreading these charges over the life of the loan which results in a rate higher than the interest rate shown on your Mortgage/Deed of Trust Note. If interest was the only Finance Charge, then the interest rate and the Annual Percentage Rate would be the same.


Prepaid Finance Charges are certain charges made in connection with the loan and which must be paid upon the close of the loan. These charges are defined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Regulation Z and the charges must be paid by the borrower. Non-Inclusive examples of such charges are: Loan origination fee, “Points” or Discount, Private Mortgage Insurance or FHA Mortgage Insurance, Tax Service Fee. Some loan charges are specifically excluded from the Prepaid Finance Charge such as appraisal fees and credit report fees.   Prepaid Finance Charges are totaled and then subtracted from the Loan Amount (the face amount of the Deed of Trust/Mortgage Note). The net figure is the Amount Financed as explained below.


The amount of interest, prepaid finance charge and certain insurance premiums (if any) which the borrower will be expected to pay over the life of the loan.


The Amount Financed is the loan amount applied for less the prepaid finance charges. Prepaid finance charges can be found on the Good Faith Estimate/Settlement Statement (HUD-1 or 1A). For example if the borrower’s note is for $100,000 and the Prepaid Finance Charges total $5,000, the Amount Financed would be $95,000. The Amount Financed is the figure on which the Annual Percentage Rate is based.


This figure represents the total of all payments made toward principal, interest and mortgage insurance (if applicable) over the life of the loan.


The dollar figures in the Payment Schedule represent principal, interest, plus Private Mortgage Insurance (if applicable) over the life of the loan. These figures will not reflect taxes and insurance escrows or any temporary buy down payments contributed by the seller.