Social Media Public Use Guidelines

Vantage West Credit Union Social Media Public Use Guidelines


Vantage West encourages the use of social media platforms as a way to share and receive information about our credit union and to foster an open and respectful dialogue relating to the specific issues and topics covered in our posts.  Please read the following guidelines to ensure a safe and useful experience when engaging with Vantage West Credit Union via social media platforms. By accessing Vantage West social media sites, you agree to comply with these social media guidelines as well as the engagement rules related to third party platforms where Vantage West content appears (e.g. Facebook Statement of Rights and ResponsibilitiesTwitter Terms of ServiceLinkedIn User Agreement, Instagram Terms of Use, TikTok Terms of Service etc.).The content of Vantage West’s social media presence is intended for informational use only and not intended to be a recommendation of personal financial services advice related to any product or service.  To ensure conversations are productive, informative, respectful of diverse viewpoints and lawful, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to moderate and remove any post (and/or to revoke a user’s privilege to post to our media sites for the repeated posting of comments) that are inconsistent with the purpose of the Vantage West social media platforms – that is, dissemination and sharing of on-topic, appropriate content.  Examples of post types that may violate our social media guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Off-Topic
    For the benefit of lively discussion, we ask that comments remain relevant to the topic that is being discussed within that post. While we welcome reasonable critiques, we may remove negative comments about Vantage West and/or our competitors that aren’t relevant and do not add to the overall experience. We may remove comments that we deem to be off-topic. If you would like to share an off-topic comment with Vantage West, please contact our Member Solutions Center at 800-888-7882.
  • Inappropriate
    We expect conversations to be meaningful and respectful. To that end, we may remove comments that we deem to be:

    • Defamatory, malicious, obscene, intimidating, discriminatory, harassing, bullying, profane, sexually explicit, gruesome or threatening, hate propaganda or fighting words;
    • Spam directed at Vantage West or any of Vantage West’s users, including any form of automatically generated content or repeatedly posting the same content;
    • Attempts to target Vantage West or Vantage West users to offer, promote or endorse products or services of either a commercial or private nature, to solicit funds, or to promote or oppose any person campaigning for election to a political office;
    • Advocating illegal activities that violate (or could violate) any intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, brand names, trade names, logos, copyrights or trade secrets, of any other person or entity;
    • Subject to an internal investigation or that refers to or otherwise speaks to ongoing litigation matters or investigations; and
    • Posted by fake or anonymous users.
  • Private/Confidential Information
    Protect yourself, your privacy and the privacy of others. Your comments and postings are widely accessible and will be around for a long time, so please consider the content carefully prior to posting. Please do not post personal information, like account or credit card information, PINs, addresses, social security numbers, or other personal information and any reference to personal or confidential information about others. Vantage West will never ask for secure information via a social media post. If you receive a request for such information, please call our Member Solutions Center at 800-888-7882 immediately.
  • Plain Text; Comments Containing Photos
    Only use plain text (not HTML format) when submitting your comments. Comments containing photos will not be accepted, unless specifically requested by the official account of Vantage West for a contest or other business-related purpose. In these instances, photos will be reviewed for appropriateness.

Please be aware that our social media sites are moderated by Vantage West employees during regular business hours.  We will make every effort to review comments in a timely manner. Opinions expressed in comments by fans, followers or other entities that are not originated by the official account of Vantage West are not necessarily those of Vantage West and its employees; therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, timeliness or usefulness of these comments. You read all content at your own risk.  Vantage West works hard to ensure these social media guidelines are adhered to in a fair and consistent manner. If you would like to report a concern or violation, please email [email protected].

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are owned by third parties. Vantage West is not responsible for the privacy or security policies at these sites or other third-party sites that may be linked to/from/within them. For more information, consult the host website’s terms of service.

Vantage West reserves the right to change these social use guidelines at any time and will ensure that the most current version is posted online at  Below are other Vantage West policies that may apply to your online experience with us:

We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions about Vantage West products and services; however, account-related or member service questions or issues should not be submitted via Vantage West social media sites. Instead, please contact [email protected] to discuss such questions or issues.

For additional information about Vantage West’s social media guidelines, please email [email protected].

All content posted by Vantage West Credit Union is the property of Vantage West Credit Union and is subject to copyright laws.