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Life Advice from a Digital Guru

Wear sunscreen.

Stay hydrated.

Think twice before clicking “Reply All.”

Do not go back for that third slice of cake.

The world around us is spinning with suggestions, recommendations, and cautionary tales of why we should or should not do something based on some “listen man, I’ve been there” terrible first-hand experience. The reality is, no one wants to be on the telling end of a story with an awful ending. Yet ironically, we often drag our feet in defiance, unwilling to make the necessary changes for positive results. Remember your last diet? Yeah, same here.

If you’re anything like me, some days (like every Friday) pizza wins over a sink full of dishes after a long week. I use an app and I know the second my order has been picked up, who my driver is, what route they are taking, and when to peel myself off the sofa to get the door. Most of the time, I depend on the internet to keep me connected. Emails alert me when my favorite store announces the next flash sale. Not to mention the time social media notifications saved me when I completely spaced Aunt Millie’s birthday. And while my smart watch rudely points out when I’m not as far along on my move goal for the day, I’m grateful it can remind me to stand up and alert me when my heart rate is a bit high. 

Clearly, if it’s easy, has a proven track record for success, and offers a little peace of mind as a bonus, chances are, we’re going to try it. Right?

We are surrounded with conveniences that make life simple.

You wouldn’t ignore the low tire pressure gauge if it popped up just before your road trip to Vegas. No one, dogs included, can ignore the incessant beeping when the smoke detector battery is low. And let’s face it, you probably know exactly how many snoozes you have before you will have to skip the sensible breakfast at home in favor of a handful of cereal as you race out the door.

But what about the serious “grown-up type” things that don’t come premade with alerts and notifications? For example:

  • Do you know the last time there was an inquiry on your credit report?
  • Can you estimate your next electricity bill based on this time last year?
  • Is all that couponing truly keeping you on track for your savings goal?

Hands down one of the best conveniences across the world wide web is the ability to be in the know and in full control of our lives.

I rely on alerts and notifications to keep me functioning as an average human being every single day. Why wouldn’t I take the necessary steps to protect the things that only your local Vantage West financial gurus take the time to tell you about? Digital banking access helps me keep track of activity, monitor transactions, review balances, and manage payments. I can chat securely with a representative while I’m on the go or send a message inquiry during lunch. I’ve even set up account notifications to tell me the second someone logs into my account, if my phone number or email address are changed, and whenever my debit card is used. And if you need it (cough), there is even an option to tell you exactly how much you binge on unplanned indulgences (especially when there’s free two-day shipping).

Sure, it’s probably not trending across mood boards, but one step we all can quickly and easily take is to be digitally engaged with our finances. If you haven’t already, take a moment to register for a digital profile with anyone and everyone you do any sort of financial business with. Just think, while you’re counting steps to offset your relentless carb intake, it’s just as easy to count steps towards a financially healthy future.

This blog was contributed by Dessa Nalwood, Digital Delivery Coordinator for Vantage West Credit Union, a $1.9 billion financial institution which serves a growing Membership of nearly 160,000.

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