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How to Save on your Electric Bill

Arizona is notorious for its record-breaking summer temperatures, which can translate to an extreme energy bill during the hottest months of the year.

In this article we’ve compiled a list to help you cut energy costs in the summer sun.

Use a programmable thermostat

The heating and cooling systems (HVAC) are the largest electricity consumers in your home. Depending on the outside temperature, your HVAC can be the cause of huge spikes in costs during the summer. When the heat becomes unbearable, you can consider a programmable thermostat. With this tool, you can manually enter the times that you spend away from your home and reduce energy cost during those hours. If you are really devoted to your savings, you can invest in a smart thermostat. These devices learn your home/away patterns to maximize your system’s efficiency, saving you money.

Replace your air filters

Air filters are designed to filter the air pushed into your home from your HVAC system. However, after time, they become polluted with dirt and dust and begin to make the system work harder than it should to circulate cold or hot air, raising your electric bill. Replacing these filters monthly can work wonders in reducing the strain on your system, decreasing energy costs. All you have to do is measure your filter and stock up on a 6-pack to reduce your bill.

Lower your water heater temperature

One of the other major energy consuming appliances in your home is your water heater. This appliance heats and distributes hot water to your sinks, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. Usually, water heaters are set to 140°F. The simple turn to 120° can help reduce cost by up to 3% per year!

Wash laundry in cold water

Most of the energy used during a wash cycle occurs when the water is heated. Switching to the cold cycle can reduce energy usage of your washer up to 90%. Using the cold cycle is an efficient way to save money, at it works just as well as a warm-water cycle.

Choose a pre-paid or time of use electric plan

Utility companies know that Arizonans see a spike in electric billing in the summer months. Therefore, they often provide pre-paid or average billing options that track your energy usage throughout the year and then let you pay a fixed payment each month, rather than face overwhelming charges in times of higher usage. Another great option is to get on your utility company’s time-of-use plans, which discount energy usage during certain times of the day called “off-peak hours.” Limiting your use of large appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers can maximize the efficiency of these plans.  Give your utility company a call to see if they have any of these cost-saving options.

With these simple changes, you can easily lower energy costs this summer. Adding a small investment into your home with a programmable or smart thermostat and regularly changing your air filters may cost money upfront, but will pay off quicker than you think.

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