1. Spring has arrived and with that comes peak home buying season. It’s the busiest time for homebuyers, as people come out of their winter hibernation and start exploring what’s available on the market. Prices are climbing, inventory is moving quickly Since spring is such a magnet for interested homebuyers, competition is fierce. Inventory, or the […]
  2. It’s a clear, sunny, typical Saturday in Tucson, Arizona, as vendors set up their tents along 4th Avenue. The Street Fair doesn’t begin for another hour, so the crowds haven’t formed quite yet. A lanky man with long dreadlocks stands along the side of the scene, reciting a poem to himself. The words are rhythmic, […]
  3. Over the past decade, the U.S. experienced a steady increase in the number of Americans living in multigenerational homes, defined as having three generations living under one roof. The trend represents a return to an earlier time, when families regularly lived together. The Growth of Multigenerational Living In 1940, multigenerational homes were the preferred style […]
    Jan 21, 2018
    2 min read
  4. In Arizona, snowbirds are as common as cacti and gorgeous sunsets. But becoming a snowbird is more complicated than just buying a second home and spending your winters sunbathing by the pool. The two-household lifestyle demands some compromises. Here are some of the issues and costs to explore if you’re thinking about making the switch […]
    Jan 17, 2018
    5 min read
  5. Homeownership is as American as apple pie, baseball, and unreasonable food portions. The value placed on private property helped define our nation’s identity since its founding and continues to serve as a major driver of our economy. With that said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should be a homeowner. There are various issues to […]
    Oct 14, 2017
    6 min read