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Carrillo Law Firm: Law In The Family

Michael Carrillo, co-owner of the Carrillo Law Firm, joined Karla on this week’s Thrive Tucson to talk about the firm he started with his sister. The Carrillo Law Firm is a Tucson-based law firm specializing in criminal defense and family law, with a special emphasis on humanizing the legal process by promising their clients emotional, in addition to legal, support. They believe in the importance of getting to know their clients in order to best represent them, and work hard to balance the relationship of being lawyers, small business owners, and siblings!

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Thrive Tucson is a conversation series with the innovative and fascinating entrepreneurs that make Tucson the vibrant city it is. Vantage West is proud to sponsor this series in our mission to invest in the local community, so we can all thrive together.

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