How Credit Unions and Their Leadership Work

The success of a credit union depends not only on its members’ participation and strong executive leadership, but also on the crucial leadership the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee play in assuring success.


The 2017 Board of Directors’ election was finalized, as follows:

  • Mr. Mitch Pisik and Mr. Gregory Good were elected by acclamation for the two new, three-year term seats which were up for 2017 election.
  • Mr. Augustine Gomez was elected by the members after a call for nominations from the floor during the meeting. He will complete the two years remaining in a term for a seat that was vacated in December of 2017.

Special topic for discussion: Official Compensation.

During the meeting, a special topic was reviewed and then opened to the floor for member questions and comments. Following the discussion, members voted in favor of ratifying a proposed bylaw amendment which aligns Vantage West’s bylaws with updated Arizona law regarding compensation for credit union officials. Learn more. 

2018 Board of Directors Election


Two director seats are up for election for new, three-year terms at the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting.

An official call for applications for nomination by the Nominating Committee for the 2018 election will be communicated to all members in the Fall of 2017, followed by a call for nominations by petition.

The 2018 election will be finalized at the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting. The date, time and location for this meeting will be announced in or around April of 2018.

Learn more about the board and the responsibilities, expectations and requirements of Directors.


Vantage West's 2017-2018 Board & Supervisory Committee


These dedicated leaders proudly serve on Vantage West’s Board of Directors. Elected by and from the membership, these professionals work closely with Vantage West’s CEO and senior management team to set strategic direction — ensuring Vantage West maintains its excellent financial standing in order to meet our members’ financial needs.

Our Board also prides itself on supporting the entire organization’s commitment to the communities we serve.

Mitch Pisik


Eugene Santarelli
Vice Chairman

Portrait of Director

Ana Archer

Augustine Gomez

Portrait of Director

John Driskill

Greg Good

Gregory Good

Dr Paul Melendez

Dr. Paul Melendez

Jeff Post
Associate Director




These dedicated leaders proudly serve on Vantage West’s Supervisory Committee. Appointed annually by the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Committee is an independent entity whose purpose is to evaluate the safety and soundness of Vantage West. Like the Board, this committee’s members must contribute knowledge and expertise for the good of the credit union and its members.

Brandon Sax

Brandon Sax

Paul Tosch

Ann McGrath

Ann McGrath

Gary Smith

Gloria Gonzalez

Margaret Brady


More About the Board & Supervisory Committee

Vantage West’sLearn more about the Board of Directors Board of Directors consists of seven Directors who serve three-year terms. Each year, a staggered number of terms expire, and an election is held for those seats. Directors are elected by and from the membership, with each member having one vote. The Board plays a crucial role in assuring Vantage West’s longevity. Therefore, Board candidates must contribute leadership, knowledge, and ideas with a passion to see that the credit union operates in the best interest of its members.

Directors should have professional experience; they must possess integrity, the ability to speak frankly, make sound judgments, and participate with fellow Directors and credit union executives. They must commit time, including (but not limited to) attending monthly meetings, annual planning sessions, training courses or conferences (sometimes requiring travel), and networking events.

To assure leadership continuity, Vantage West’s Board offers an
Associate Director Program
. Associate directors do not vote. They Learn more about the supervisory committeeare appointed by the Board, and they commit their time to train, serve, and contribute, much like Directors. Though experience will come as a result of this program, there is no guarantee an Associate Director will become a Director.

Vantage West’s Supervisory Committee is comprised of five voting members and two alternate members. It functions independently to ensure Vantage West’s and its membership’s assets are safeguarded — and that financial statements are audited each year. Much like the Board, its members possess integrity as well as the ability to speak frankly and make sound judgments along with the dedication of time for meetings, training events, and conferences (sometimes involving travel).

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How to Get Involved

Volunteer leadership is crucial to Vantage West’s ability to remain financially stable, while performing as a member-centric organization that offers secure deposit products, competitive credit cards, affordable auto & home loans, innovative & convenient services, and more. Our leaders work diligently to assure that we remain true to our mission, “Working together to meet our members’ financial needs.”

As a member, the simplest way to support the credit union’s success and get the most out of your membership is to actively utilize the products and services we offer.

But if you have a desire to do more…to leverage your professional and leadership experiences, commit your time and dedicate your knowledge, help support Vantage West’s commitment to community, and if you believe you meet the qualification standards to serve as a Director or Supervisory Committee member, consider applying.

Believe you’d make a great addition?

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