Get fast access to the Vantage West mobile app with Touch ID on your iPhone®!

Touch ID is a simple, secure way for users to access Apple devices and apps using built-in, fingerprint-sensor technology.  No need to type a password — your fingerprint is all you need.

Use Touch ID with these devices.

  • iPhone 5s •  iPhone 6  •  iPhone 6 Plus

PART 1Log in with Touch ID

Here’s how to set up Touch ID on your iPhone.

  1. Settings > Touch ID & Passcode
  2. Select “Turn Passcode On” and enter a 4-digit passcode twice
  3. Select Fingerprints > Add a fingerprint…
  4. Place the finger you wish to use for unlocking iOS onto the HOME button
  5. When the iPhone vibrates, lift your finger
  6. Repeat steps 5-6 multiple times, until the grey fingerprint turns completely red
  7. When complete, you’ll be prompted to adjust your grip
  8. Again, repeat steps 5-6 repeatedly, this time focusing on the sides of your fingerprint
  9. After enough data is collected, you will see the “Success” message
  10. Touch “Continue”
  11. “iPhone Unlock” will be enabled on the Touch ID & Passcode screen

PART 2Touch ID for Vantage West

Once your iPhone’s Touch ID has been set up, access the Vantage West mobile app.

  1. When the app opens, log in with your credentials.
  2. You will be prompted to log in with Touch ID instead of your Username and Password.
  3. Click “Use Touch ID.”
  4. You will be prompted to verify your identity.  Place your fingerprint on the Home button.
  5. Once your fingerprint has been verified, you’ll get an “Enablement Complete” message.

NOTE:  Additional fingerprints can be added to the Touch ID system by repeating the process above. However, with our mobiles apps, you can only enable one fingerprint per device.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.  Touch ID is a trademark of Apple Inc.