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Mesa Native Finds Fulfillment With A Company That Honors His Purpose

Vantage West’s purpose is, “Investing in people today to achieve a more prosperous tomorrow.”

Our newest branch in East Mesa, Crismon Gateway, supports our purpose, as it enables us to invest in more of the 40,000 Vantage West Members who live in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Crismon Gateway Financial Center Manager, Tony Isom, recently reflected on his journey with Vantage West and the meaningful impact he and his team at Crismon Gateway branch have been able to make for our Members and community partners.


Do you work for a company that has a branded purpose that lines up with who you are? I feel fortunate to wake up each day and do what I do for a living. The adventure started when I was 14 years old, and my dad took me to open my first bank account at our local credit union. Little did we know, the impact of that interaction would become instrumental in my life. Fast-forward three years and the seemingly unimaginable happened. I accepted my first “grown up” job at the very same branch where I opened that account.

That role led to a fulfilling career that became the only career path I have ever needed.

In January of 2021, the Crismon Gateway Branch opened its doors to the community of East Mesa. After serving in multiple cities, states, and credit unions, I now proudly serve alongside an incredible team, as a Financial Center Manager for Vantage West’s Crismon Gateway Branch in East Mesa, Arizona.

It is a gift to introduce Vantage West to my hometown of Mesa. Every day I get to come to work for an organization that my personal and professional values align with.


Growing up, I focused on serving the youth in my community. I wanted to help them achieve their goals and guide them on the path towards a better future. I never imagined that being a part of the “Credit Union Movement” would provide me the best opportunity to accomplish this life goal of improving the lives of those around me. But it certainly has.

Every step along the way, my career within the credit union afforded me the opportunity to personally learn and grow. That equipped me to serve Members holistically and help improve the lives of many in my community.

As I invest in our Members, and in my community, alongside my colleagues, I live Vantage West’s purpose: “Investing in people today to achieve a more prosperous tomorrow.”

Twenty years ago, visiting my local credit union changed my life in a way that I couldn’t have expected. I went in for a savings account and came out with the vessel and means to begin serving my life’s purpose.

Skilled and caring Vantage West team members like Tony are key components to the experience we deliver to our Members and surrounding communities.

What is your passion? What is your purpose? Tony and his team are here for their Members and community—to help them achieve a “more prosperous tomorrow.” Come see Tony and the Crismon Gateway team to follow their purpose and fulfill yours.

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