We value our business members!

Bulk Deposit Service Guidelines
Bulk deposits can be made by business members at a merchant window. This allows for large numbers of checks to be deposited without waiting for the teller to process each check. Bulk deposits are subject to verification.

Please ensure the following before making a bulk deposit.

  • Each check in the deposit must be endorsement stamped
  • The deposit must include an itemized deposit slip
  • Stamp must include “For deposit only,” account number, name of business
  • Slip must include total amount of cash (if any), total amount of checks,  number of checks, total deposit amount

Business Check Hold Policy
A hold may be placed on some checks for the protection of the credit union and the member.

Check Cashing & Deposits with Cash Back
If a business member needs cash, a separate transaction must be done after the deposit is made — subject to availability of funds.

Merchant Window
For the convenience of our business members, we have a designated merchant window at each branch location.

Overdraft Protection
Avoid the expense, embarrassment, and inconvenience of returned checks or denied debit card transactions. Overdraft protection allows automatic transfer of funds to business checking accounts from other Vantage West business accounts (ex:  Business Regular Share AccountBusiness Line of Credit, and Business Visa Credit Card ).

Business accounts and personal accounts must be kept separate for the security of the credit union and the member.

Federally insured by NCUA.

Updated: April 27, 2016