Custom Cabinetry

High-end cabinetry is easy to spot. It’s built like premium furniture; It uses the finest furniture-grade wood, a multi-step finishing process, and the highest rated hardware. It also typically comes with a lifetime warranty.


High End Appliances

Something visceral happens when you walk into a kitchen with high-end appliances. The weight and craftsmanship of these amazing machines urges you forward. Without even touching them you sense their quality; but, of course you’re going to touch them. Don’t’ feel bad, everyone does. You yearn to feel the weight of the refrigerator door, play with the controls, run your hand over those smooth, shiny surfaces, and ignite burners that could power a small rocket.


Ceiling Details

What is it about a room with stacked crown moldings and intricate woodwork that makes us think, “Something important happens here.” Perhaps, because it often does. Throughout history, world leaders have been surrounded by architecture adorned with exquisite detail. Today, some of those same details, from stacked crown molding to coffered ceilings, add a unique elegance rarely found in the 21st century home.


Mixed Countertop Materials

As one of the largest kitchen surfaces, countertops can create a powerful design statement. One of the more interesting ways to accomplish this is with multiple materials. Complementing a granite or quartz countertop with wood has a comfortable feel. Complementing a granite or quartz countertop with glass can also be striking. Glass countertops come in multiple textures and colors, and can even be lit with stunning results.

Metal, granite, marble, quartz, glass, tile, cement, and solid surface materials can all be combined to provide a plethora of jaw dropping alternatives for your own luxury kitchen.


Lighting Details

The right lighting in a luxury kitchen brings ambiance and depth to the room, and highlights the design details and exquisite finishes. Let’s not forget fixtures either. From chandeliers to sconces to pendants, there are so many great options to choose from whether you’re looking for simple task lighting or hanging pieces of art.


Multiple Refrigerators

As with double ovens, having multiple refrigerators is great for those who entertain or have large families. Additionally, utilizing smaller under counter or drawer refrigerators is a wonderful way to break your kitchen into functional zones from refreshment centers to prep stations.


Hand Crafted Tile

In today’s mass produced world, hand crafted elements provide a refreshing human touch. The subtle imperfections of work created by the human hand are quickly recognized, and appreciated, even if only subconsciously. Hand crafted and hand painted tile can be used in backsplashes, flooring, or countertops to add a luxurious feel to any kitchen.


Reclaimed Wood Floors

What is it about reclaimed floors that make them so incredibly beautiful? After all, aren’t they just tattered and worn? Old, even? Or, could there be magic in their imperfection? The Japanese think so. In fact, they even have a word for it: wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Essentially, with age comes beauty.


Coffee Centers

Whether for entertaining or just your morning ritual, coffee centers quickly takeover as the favorite part of the kitchen. Simply combine a built-in coffee system with an under counter refrigerator, or refrigerator drawer, and you’ll be whipping up everything from mochas to cappuccinos in luxurious style.

interior design

Unexpected Interior Design

The beauty of great design comes in the unexpected details that unfold with every turn of the head. Bring design luxury into normally closed spaces such as the refrigerator or cabinets with a beautiful finish and dramatic lighting.


Organizational Accessories

Organizational accessories may not have the flash and sparkle of an intricate crown molding or an imported, hand painted backsplash but, ooh la la, there are few things more luxurious than a kitchen with a place for everything – and easy access to it. If you want to get really excited about cooking, use drawers (or pullout inserts) throughout your base cabinets. While you’re elegantly reaching for a pan, the rest of the world will be on their knees, contorting themselves about, just to find the right lid.

multiple work

Multiple Work Zones

Multiple work zones aren’t just for multiple chefs. Even if you’re the only one in the kitchen, dividing your kitchen into stations can make preparing just about anything, pure bliss. Today’s luxury kitchens have zones for baking, cleanup, coffee centers, and even refreshment stations.

integrated tech

Integrated Technology

The kitchen is becoming smarter and more connected than ever before. As we head into an era of the “Internet of Things” our luxury appliances are adding new and interesting ways to make our lives easier. The Internet of Things is taking off quickly with some predicting every appliance sold by 2020 will have some form of Internet connectivity.


Focal Points

Our eyes naturally follow lines. In a kitchen, those lines come from a variety of sources such as a countertops, walls, rows of cabinetry, and molding details. In luxury kitchens, special attention is paid to focal points to ensure that when the eyes travel and land at their destination, something magnificent is waiting for them. Typically, that “something” will not only be magnificent but, also vertical.

Probably the most recognized and classic focal point is the kitchen hearth with a wonderfully powerful range, an amazing hood, surrounded by beautiful woodwork. Somewhat newer but, equally grand, is a custom armoire with a single (or double) built-in refrigerator. Of course, everyone’s sentimental favorite: the fireplace, makes a comforting focal point as well. And, don’t forget the outside; a beautiful wall of windows can become the visual resting place your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of.


Wall Surfaces

Wall surfaces encompass a wide variety of options including paint, tile, wallpaper, stone, modular panels, wood, and even everyday materials such as metal roofing. Whether for accent walls or the primary wall, encapsulating a kitchen with beautiful and unique materials creates dramatic results.

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Updated: March 17, 2017