Mobile Deposit FAQs

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How do I use Mobile Deposit?

First, download (or get the update for) our free* mobile app.

Then, log in to the app and click “Deposit Checks.” Use the dropdown menu to choose the deposit account. Click “Amount” to enter the deposit amount for the check. To begin taking pictures, select “Front” to activate the camera on your smartphone. Follow the instructions to line up the check — then select the device’s camera icon to take a photo of the front of the check.

You’ll then be returned to the Check Deposit menu and see a small image of your check. Now, select “Back” to capture the check’s back. Follow the same steps to line up and photograph the back of the check (don’t forget, it needs to be signed).

You’ll be returned to the menu and see images of both the front & back of the check. Click “Deposit” to deposit the check into your selected account. When you receive the “Success” screen, you may select a confirmation notification method.

Who can use Mobile Deposit?

Vantage West members who…

  • have a checking account open 30+ days


  • have an loan (in good standing) open 30+ days

What type of device can I use to make my mobile deposit?

An iPhone or an Android

Are there limits to the amounts I can deposit with my smartphone?

You can deposit up to $2,500 per day, but no more than $5,000 per 30-day period, using Mobile Deposit.

Can loan payments be made using Mobile Deposit?

To make a loan payment, first make a Mobile Deposit to your checking or savings account. Once the funds become available, transfer those funds to your loan through the mobile app or Online Banking.

What types of checks can I deposit?

Mobile Deposit can be used for personal and business checks drawn on US financial institutions and in US currency. Checks must be payable to the owner of the account and must be endorsed on the back.

Are check photos stored on my smartphone?

No, after the transaction is completed, photos will not be stored on your device.

When will the check’s funds be available?

The time can vary, but deposits will normally go through within one or two business days. Members will likely see the transaction immediately in their account history, however, all deposits are placed on a 2-day local hold.

What should be done with a check after the deposit?

Save the check for 60 days after depositing it with a mobile device. At that point, you can destroy it.

What’s the best way to take a photo of a check using my smartphone?

It’s best to use the Mobile Deposit feature in a well-lit area to ensure check images are correctly captured. Keep your hands clear of the check when photographing. For best results, lay the check on a flat surface when taking pictures. To avoid a deposit error, make sure the check isn’t folded or torn.

What if my check’s rejected or I receive a deposit error?

If the check images are unacceptable, you can try again by retaking pictures and re-submitting the deposit.  If there is a deposit error (such as posting an incorrect deposit amount or a non-readable check), Vantage West will reverse the deposit and we’ll send an email notifying you of the problem.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc.  Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. *Our app is free, but standard rates and fees may apply from your wireless carrier.

Updated: March 8, 2017