Login FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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How do I change my Online Banking username and/or password?

Configure your personal settings in Online Banking.

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Go to “My Settings.”
  3. Assure you have a current phone number and email address on file.
  4. Click “Update” to edit your information.

Unable to log in?
If it has been more than 6 months since your last log in, you may need to re-enroll.  Refer to the “Want to Enroll” steps on our Online Banking page or contact us for info.

My operating system won’t let me upgrade to IE 11

If you’re using Windows Vista or XP, you may not be able to update your Internet Explorer browser. We apologize for the inconvenience;  our Online Banking system is unable to support Internet Explorer Version 9 or older. Please note that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are fully supported by the Online Banking platform.

How do I delete my cookies/history?

Internet Explorer
To delete cookies, select “Tools” > “Internet Options.”   Under “General,” click “Settings” (in the ‘Browsing history’ area). Under the “Temporary Internet Files” tab, choose “View Files” to see your browser cookies and cached websites. Cookies are files starting with ‘Cookie:’. To delete one, simply right-click it and select “Delete.”

A button labeled “Clear Private Data” erases your personal info. To delete cookies, choose “Tools” > “Options.”  Select “Privacy” > under the “History” heading, you can opt to “remove individual cookies.”

Press CTRL + H to view your History. To delete entries, click the “View” button. Browse to a domain, date or page, right-click it, and choose “Delete.” To erase Firefox’s record of your browsing activity, choose “Tools” > “Options” > “Privacy” > under the “History” heading, you can opt to “clear your recent history.”

To delete all your data, click the Chrome menu icon (image006) on the browser toolbar.  Select “Tools” > “Clear browsing history.”  In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information you want to remove.  Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete.  Select “beginning of time” to delete everything.  Click “Clear Browsing data.”

To adjust cookies and permissions, click the Chrome menu icon.  Select “Settings” > “Show advanced settings.”  In the “Privacy” section, click “Content settings.”  To delete cookies (you can opt to delete all or just specific ones), click “all cookies and site data” to open the dialog menu.  From here, you can “Remove all” – or – to delete one at a time, hover over a specific site and click the “X” that appears in the right corner.  You can make exceptions for cookies from specific websites or domains by clicking “Manage exceptions.”

How do I preserve my settings so I am not asked for the security passcode (the multi-factor authentication step) each time I login to Online Banking?

You can configure your settings so the system will remember your computer/device.  However, you’ll need a new one-time passcode for each computer/device not recognized by the system.  When you’re asked to enter the passcode, select “Yes register my private computer,” and your device will be remembered.


How do I know which operating system I'm using?

To quickly detect the operating system you’re using, you can visit www.whatsmyos.com.

How do I know which browser I'm using?

To quickly detect the browser/version you’re using, you can visit Google’s site, www.whatbrowser.org.

What URL should I bookmark for Vantage West?

Set your bookmarks/favorites to www.vantagewest.org.  Delete any you have going to “www.vwestcu.org.”

I’m unable to get to your login page! – Or – I’M getting an error that my browser “cannot display the webpage” – Or – The “web address you entered could not be found.”

If updating your browser does not fix the problem, check to make sure you have our new URL bookmarked (www.vantagewest.org).  It is also recommended that you delete your cookies/cache.  If you’re still experiencing problems, please try logging in at this alternate Online Banking login page.

See also: If you’re successfully connected to the internet, but can’t view certain pages with IE, view this Microsoft support page to troubleshoot.

I haven't logged in for awhile... Why can't I access my Online Banking account?

After six months of inactivity, re-enrollment of the Online Banking system is required and you’ll need to set up a new username & password.  To get started, refer to the “Want to Enroll” steps on our Online Banking page or contact us for more information.

Why won't my Online Banking login credentials work with the eStatement portal?

These sites are separate.  You won’t be able to use your Online Banking credentials on the eStatement portal, or vice versa.

For reference, the Online Banking login looks like this.

Online Banking Log In


The eStatement portal login looks like this.

eStatement Portal login page

How do I find my Vantage West member / account number?

Open your membership in a branch?
You were issued a membership card, which contains your member number, as highlighted below.
membership card

Open your membership online?
Your member number is contained within the account numbers and can be identified by ignoring all leading zeroes and the four-digit share ID that follows, as highlighted below.

account number, member number

Join by obtaining a Vantage West vehicle loan through an auto dealership?
Shortly after we received your contract from the dealership, we mailed you a packet, which included a page of temporary payment coupons. Your member number can be identified on the coupon, as highlighted below.

temporary payment coupon, member number account number at Vantage West

Receive statements in the mail or eStatements?
Your member number is displayed in the top-right corner of your statement, as highlighted in this example.
member number on statements

None of the above?
Visit a branch and bring valid ID — one of our friendly employees will be happy to assist you. Otherwise, please contact us and a representative can assist you. NOTE: For your security, the receipt of your member number could take a few business days.

How do I find my share ID?

The share ID is a two-digit number that follows your member number to identify your share(s). It can easily be found in Online Banking, or at the beginning of a share’s transaction history on your statement. See examples below or contact us for assistance.

regular share ID in online banking


Updated: September 14, 2016