Please be aware that imposters claiming to be from a “Fraud Department,” or other similar entity are making calls mimicking legitimate fraud alerts. They ask if the individual has used their credit or debit card at various random merchants. When the individual denies the stated activity, the scammers offer to send a new card via Fed Ex and request the current PIN so they can issue a new PIN.

While many financial institutions will call to verify suspicious debit or credit card activity, they will never request a PIN, full card information or other personal details. Your financial institution already knows this information if they are calling you. The only time financial institutions will ask you to provide any information is to verify your identity, if you call them.

The caller ID showing up may even appear to be from a legitimate number, so please be alert when you get any calls from any entity claiming to represent a financial institution.

It is important that if you receive any such call, email, text, or other communication requesting PIN, account, or personal information, that you hang up and call your financial institution.

Vantage West is here to help you, and we are dedicated to protecting the safety and security of our Members’ accounts.

To report suspicious activity, verify whether any communication is legitimate, or ask any other questions about your account, please call our Member Solutions Center at 800-888-7882.