Education has been coined one of the most fundamental building blocks for development and one of the strongest instruments for poverty reduction and the revitalization of communities.

Vantage West partners with “Earn to Learn,” a non-profit program that helps limited-income Arizonans save for college. IDAs can only be opened by students who have applied to and been enrolled in the Earn to Learn program (and meet the requirements).

Earn to Learn’s Application & Eligibility Requirements »

Who can open an IDA? »

There are three stages in the Earn to Learn program.

  • The Applicant Stage
  • The Saver Stage
  • The Recipient Stage

Once you are a high school junior or senior* and get to the Saver Stage, you’ll meet with a financial coach who will guide you towards an IDA.

How do I open and contribute to my IDA? »

You’ll be given a choice of financial institutions during the Saver Stage. Once you choose Vantage West, you’ll be asked to make a deposit** to your account.

  • At a Branch
    We can set up an IDA for you at any of our branches. You can also make deposits in person.
  • Shared Branching
    Once your account is set up, Shared Branching allows you to make deposits to your account from participating financial institutions – nationwide.

What happens with my IDA savings? »

After satisfying the monthly savings goal you set with your financial counselor, the money you saved (plus Earn to Learn’s 8-to-1 matched funds) are applied to your tuition at the college or university.

Learn more about the Recipient Stage »

What are the rates of an IDA? »

Rates accurate as of Friday, July 1, 2016:

Type Minimum Balance Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
IDA $0 – $4,999.99 0.05%
$5,000 and up 0.10%

*Exceptions are made for 1) Community college transfers planning to attend UA or NAU, 2) Native Americans planning to attend NAU, 3) ASU students in the SPARKS program, 4) In-state high school students who are participating in the Credits 4 College program (C4C) with ASU. **Deposit amount determined by Earn to Learn.